Stock Market Software for Mac

We’ve all heard the saying “when you go Mac you never go back”. How true it is.

But the first thing I noticed when leaving Windows was that Apple has fewer software options for the share market. If Apple were able to compete in this area, I would never glance at a Windows computer again. Unfortunately, at least for now, Windows will have to be part of my routine.

In recent years charting software has moved to the cloud and become device agnostic. Thanks to HTML5, modern browsers have become powerful and capable of running intensive applications within the browser. Software developers have moved away from developing stand alone programs in favour of software accessible by any device with access to the internet.

Applications like Metastock and Amibroker (in their current forms) will soon be retired in favour of cloud-based software. Say goodbye to database maintenance and software updates.

Google searches for Metastock since 2004

The “Mac only” option

ProTa is the only regularly updated charting program designed specifically for Mac.

While I have only tried the demo version, it's a stable and a capable piece of charting software.

• Low learning curve
• Ability to import free Yahoo Data
• Systems testing
• Aesthetically pleasing interface
• Yahoo could stop providing data at anytime
• Subscription based model ($99 USD p.a.)
• Not responsive to emails

ProTA offers a free trial.

How to use Windows software on a Mac

You have two options and both require you to own a genuine copy of MS Windows.

1. Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a native Mac application that allows you to start your computer in either Mac or Windows by imply holdings down a key when powering up your device. Your Mac will operate just like a Windows computer and because Macs use Intel chips, your computer will run Windows natively with no loss in performance.

2. Virtualisation Software

Virtualisation software allows you to use Windows and Mac software at the same time. You operate your Mac normally but can open Windows applications from your Mac desktop. Both operating systems work in harmony.

The two most poplar are: Parallels Desktop ($99.95 AUD) and Fusion ($107.95 AUD)

I prefer Parallels Desktop but both are near identical and offer a free trial.